Northern Continent

The Northern Continent is a mostly temperate land, home to many civilized towns and small nations, and is the home of the dwarven warrens of the Anspach Empire, the floating towers of Thales Corporation, and the so called “civilized races.”

Hundreds of years ago, the vast human and tiefling empires were laid low during the Lich War. As the endless hordes of the undead clawed and devoured society, humanity shattered into numerous towns, baronies and villages, and the tieflings scattered to the wind. With the human empire shattered, the other civilized peoples filled in the void. Only recently have the disparate communities began to re-unite.

The Northern Continent is home to Aran, the continent’s largest port and city.

The Anspach Empire dominates the northernmost part of the continent. While the Empire is mostly Dwarven, its emperor, Peter I, is ostensibly human.

Thales Corporation and its CEO the arch wizard Vincent Thales maintains a massive, floating tower over the city of Earthrise, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

Northern Continent

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